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In 1997, Mr Narker and some of his close associates, began to think about forming a New Budo Organisation due to the large amount of enquiries from like-minded Martial Artists who were in general, dissatisfied with existing groups and, who wanted to belong to a progressive, yet traditional oriented Organisation.

Narker Sensei began to contact his friends, seeking to gather Instructors who could develop the Structure of the New group. In August 1998, the Shin Budo Kai (New Martial Arts Association) was born, with supporters throughout South Africa and overseas.

The Association operates under an "umbrella" type structure that provides a home for those martial artists that may not wish, or qualify for membership within other respected national organisations .

We offer two forms of membership, Associate and Full Membership. An Associate member will be affiliated with the SBK, have access to the journal (Shinbun) and receive discounts on merchandise and events, but not be eligible for rank or teaching titles within the Association.

Full Members receive all of the benefits of Associate Membership but are eligible for rank validation and certification within the Association. Full members may also apply for teaching titles.

How to Apply for Associate Membership

  1. Print or type in the application form. Mail, post or fax it to our HQ.
  2. On acceptance of membership, an amount of US$50.00 will be payable.
  3. You will receive a Associate Member certificate, your name will be placed on the official membership list of the SBK.
  4. Once a member, your yearly membership dues are only US$10.

How to Apply for Full Membership/Rank

  1. Print or type in the application form.
  2. Send a typed, detailed history of your Martial Arts background.
  3. Include copies of all rank certificate you have been awarded.
  4. You will receive a letter telling you the results of our Board of Directors review of your application, the costs of rank registration/certificates, etc. When your application for rank is approved by the SBK, and rank fees have been paid, your certificate will be mailed.

If you have any questions about our group, or if you would like to be sent a membership application, please contact us by mail, telephone, or e-mail.

The Co-ordinator, Shin Budo Kai HQ
P.O. Box 117, Retreat, 7965, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel/Fax: +27 21 712 7776 E-mail: info@shinbudokai.net

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