Rank Validation

Rank Validation & Certification Process:

Applicants who wish to have their current rank in any martial art registered with the Shinbudokai may do so during the application process. This may be as simple as attaching a photocopy of their present menjo (rank certificate) and/or any menjo they wish to register with the association. If no such menjo are held, or if issued by an unrecognised organisation, the applicant may provide a detailed, typed martial arts history/resume and video demonstration of their skill, along with a complete kyoka (curriculum) of their art required for Shodan (1st-degree Black Belt) or equivalent rank.

The Shin Budo Kai Martial Arts Association is not a martial arts "diploma mill" and will simply not sacrifice the quality and respect of the organisation or its members by engaging in such activity. Therefore, all applications for membership, along with rank certificates/affiliations will be researched and confirmed by the association and Division Heads, prior to accepting the applicant's membership application. To avoid this, we invite such prospective members to apply for Associate Membership, which foregoes the rank Validation and Certification process but still offers many benefits of membership (recognition, fellowship, discounts on association merchandise & events, certificate of membership and access to the members only journal).

Further, all applicants applying for Full Membership without rank issued by a recognised organisation will have their application and all submitted material (resume, video, etc.) reviewed and approved or disapproved by their prospective Division Head (i.e. the Division their art would fall under).

All questions or concerns regarding the membership process are welcomed through e-mail or written correspondence. We will give all prospective members a fair and reasonable opportunity to apply for membership within the organisation. Ranks & Teaching Licenses:
For more information regarding the official rank structure, please contact the Shinbudokai HQ.

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