Joshinmon Shorin Ryu

Joshinmon Shorin Ryu was founded in 1969 by So Shihan Hoshu Ikeda following the initial Okinawan teaching of Chotoku Kyan; and after some travelling to Okinawa to deeper his studies and research.

Literally Joshinmon means: with the doors of the heart open; and obviously has its philosophical significance that only an open heart is able to receive and offer all the knowledge at all levels, physically and spiritually that Karate-Do does.

The style has 7 core Katas besides the other basics Katas like Pinan, etc. that were originally from Shuri and Naha Te. They are:
1- Ananku
2- Wanshu
3- Seisan
4- Chinto
5- Bassai
6- Gojoshijo
7- Kushanku

Currently it's practised in USA (because of the strong influence of the Cuban inmigration), England, Russia and some of the ex Soviet Union Republics (Estonia, Ukrania, etc), New Zealand, Seychelles, Australia, etc., and of course Japan where the headquarters are in Tokyo.

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