Although the Shin Budo Kai operate a non-interference policy, we can provide you with guidance and help with the administration of your club. The Association can recommend suppliers of quality training equipment at discounted prices and can also provide you with items of stationery such as membership forms, posters, newsletters and club advertising leaflets. Once affiliation has been accepted, instructors may also qualify for association grants to help establish new clubs.

We do however need to have a certain amount of control over some administrative issues such as the issuing of licenses and grading returns. All that we ask is that instructors ensure that their students have up to date licenses so the insurance that is incorporated in this is up to date, and that grading returns are sent back promptly and accurately. Other than that, how you run your club is up to you, providing of course that it is not dangerous or dishonest.

If you would like more information about joining the Shin Budo Kai, please contact us:

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