Marketing Support
We have access to one of the most successful marketing schemes designed to supports Martial Arts Instructors available anywhere. As many of the country's top professionals have realised, given the right set of marketing tools, there is no reason why you cannot more than double your current student membership. It is marketing, not technical expertise that brings students to your dojo. The ShinBudoKai offers support and guidance in helping you to turn your school into a successful one.

SBK can bring you the latest martial arts business and instructor information available. They can introduce you to the ways of promoting a successful martial arts club, increasing student enrollment and, most of all, how to keep your students for longer. They cover the business of sports martial arts, equipment manufacturing, and the martial arts media. All in all SBK offer a professional level of support and guidance to help you turn your club into a successful one.

For more details of the highest level of marketing support, contact us.

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