April '04

Hi All,

Today we had another fun filled learning session at the All Styles Training organised by the ShinBudoKai. In attendance:

  • Harry Pieterkosky Shihan , 7th Dan S.A. Gorei Karate (Okinawan Goju)
  • Hoosain Narker Shihan, Ashihara Karate with Gakiem Hayzer (3rd Dan), Aysha Narker, Clarence Johannes, Haashim Mullins, Khalil Parker Rene Visagie all black belt students & Zwai Bottoman (BB in training).
  • Neville Paulsen Shihan, 5th Dan Kyokushin and two students.
  • Sirfu David September, Shaolin Kung Fu (Sanda) with a number of students.
  • Joe van Rensburg Sensei 4th Dan Karate Confederation (Japanese Goju) and senior student Stuart Kaptein. Stuart is leaving for a two year sojourn to the UK on Tuesday and we all wish him the best in his new endeavours.
  • Elias Kattan Shihan, 5th Dan W.P. Goju Ryu (Okinawan Goju) - Shihan Elias is a Palestinian Karate ka now residing in the Cape
  • Lloyd de Jongh, Kenpo Karate & Piper system
  • Fadeelah & Rogeema Kenny, Shukokai Karate
  • Nizaam Toefy, Goju Kai
  • Deon Valentyn, black belt WTF Taekwondo
  • Malcolm Lamour, black belt Shito ryu & student of Aikido and classical Ju Jitsu
  • Mike Mhlabane, black belt Shotokan and instructor at Cape Tech
  • Stephen Scott, Bujinkan Ninjutsu
  • Quinton Arendse, Ashihara Black Belt and Vale Tudo teacher and fighter with Shahied.and lastly,
  • special guest Takahashi San, Kyokushin black belt from Yokohama, now into Thai Boxing and other arts.

The session started off with an introduction into the Bo (Japanese Long Staff) as taught by Harry Pieterkosky. We were taught basic striking, basic blocking and then doing the same in combination and then doing it in application with a partner. Then some more advanced combinations. I was unfortunately the "baddie", as time had to be called. One could clearly see the disappointment on many faces, as I had to hastily explain that on another occasion, we would go more deeply into the many facets of the Bo. Shihan Harry then demonstrated Shushi no kon Sho after which Haashim Mullins, one of my Junior dan grades, demonstrated our version of the same kata.

Next on was Lloyd de Jongh who gave a demonstration of the Piper system and in the absence of having practise knifes, had everyone practising some of the moves without a weapon. The piper system is very different to conventional knife systems and Lloyd will certainly go into more details at another session.

Quinton Arendse and Shahied then demonstrated how to rush and take down an opponent followed by the Mount. Participants were taught the Sprawl and how to prevent someone from taking you down and also how to get out of the mount. Some of the more knowledgeable ones practised some free style grappling and Lloyd and Quinton got into some serious rolling around.

Last person up was Gakiem Hayzer and Clarence Johannes. Gakiem explained the concept of Sabaki and then had everyone briefly practise some partnerwork in performing Sabaki Kumite.

The session thus came to an end on a High note. Members also agree that future sessions will be shifted to a Sunday so as to convenience everyone

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