Oct '03

Just got home from another fun filled training session. Today we practised:
Ashihara Karate Sabaki principles.
Striking Pads

and a bit of this and that.

At training, we had people from:
Ashihara Karate
Karate Confederation
Silat/Piper method

Haashim Mullins, one of my Juniors presented Ashihara's Sabaki concepts and Sabaki Kumite principles which we practised for both left and right side attacks. I closed off by demonstrating the same against kicks for the three ranges - i.e. short, middle and long.

I then had everyone practising the use of their koshi to enable them to use it for punching after which I demonstrated our "1" inch punch. This was followed by demonstrating kicking from the front leg using the hip (koshi) and the power that can be generated.

We then did some striking pad work which was followed by Lloyd demonstrating Kenpo. We practised a couple of those circular motion drills which is very unlike trad karate. This was followed by Nigel demonstrating his method of Silat which is very flowing.

We were joined for this session by eMSSA list member Nicolas (thanks Nic for coming and training with us).

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