Dan Certification

The ShinBudo Kai Technical Committee (Chairperson: Shihan Hoosain Narker) will administer the Dan Certification program. The goal of the program is to encourage a broad understanding of the techniques and styles which make up modern Martial Arts (Budo).

It is not the intent of the Dan Certification program to replace or promote any particular style of Martial Art. To that end, each candidate for certification must either hold an equivalent rank in their own style, and must validate that ranking by either presenting a copy of their rank certificate (menjyo) or providing their instructor's validation of the candidate's current rank. The ShinBudo Kai is aware however, of the disparities which exists due to many of the members being disadvantaged due to the previous Political System. ShinBudo Kai will therefore waive certain requirements to those candidates. Candidates may belong to any style or school of karate-do.

"Unattached" members may also take the Federation Dan Exam. ("Unattached" members are the Federation members who do not belong to any specific style or school.) Board of Examiners consists of the widest variety of masters from different styles and schools. There is absolutely no bias or prejudice against any particular style. The evaluation is based solely on the technical merit of the candidate.

The Board of Examiners will be:

  • Shihan Harry Pieterkosky
  • Shihan Hoosain Narker
  • Shihan Neville Paulsen
  • Shihan Faizel Mohamed
  • Sabomnim Mika-eel Taylor
  • Shirfu David September

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