Grading Time

Below is the official ranking structure of the Association, along with official Teaching Titles members may apply for.

Kyu/Dan Menjo:

  1. Mudansha (all ranks below Black Belt are to be handled at the dojo level.)
  2. Shodan, 1st-degree (Black Belt): No time requirement, at the discretion of instructor
  3. Nidan, 2nd-degree: 2 year since Shodan exam (must be at least 16 years of age)
  4. Sandan, 3rd-degree: 3 years since Nidan exam (Jokyo license required)
  5. Yondan, 4th-degree: 4 years since Sandan exam
  6. Godan, 5th-degree: 5 years since Yondan exam (Renshi license required)
  7. Rokudan, 6th-degree: 6 years since Godan exam
  8. Nanadan, 7th-degree: 7 years since Rokudan exam (Kyoshi license required)
  9. Hachidan, 8th-degree: 8 years since Nanadan exam (Hanshi license required. Must be at least 50 years of age)

The waiting period for retesting will be a minimum of six months since an unsuccessful grading by a candidate. Successful candidates will be issued with a fully endorsed ShinBudoKai Grading Certificate.

Instructor Licenses:

  1. Jokyo, Assistant Instructor: Minimum rank of Nidan, 500 word essay required
  2. Sensei, Instructor :Minimum rank of Sandan, 750 word essay required
  3. Renshi, Instructor: Minimum rank of Yondan, 1000 word essay required
  4. Kyoshi, Senior Instructor: Minimum rank of Rokudan, 2000 word essay required
  5. Hanshi, Master Instructor: Minimum rank of Hachidan, 3000 word essay required

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